• Assess your win chance

    dealGPS helps you to rapidly qualify your deal with proven and uniform criteria. So, no need for guesswork and crystal ball forecasting. In just a few clicks the dealGPS Win Chance checklist assesses those aspects that can make or break a deal.

Screenshot dealGPS sales software

  • Get the right actions and questions

    Get proven actions and compelling questions to ask with just one click! Our DEAL EXPERT KNOWLEDGE DATABASE contains a wealth of sales expertise that can help you to win deals in a smart way.

dealGPS improve winchance

  • Follow the right track

    The dealGPS deal planner helps you to follow the right track and guides you with proven actions at the moment of need. It also helps you to determine your actual position in the pipeline and provides you with an accurate forecast of the close date. Optionally we can create custom-made deal planners which fit your products and services offer better. In brief, always om the right track to win deals.