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dealGPS provides you with smart, fast and sound actions and the right questions to win more deals in less time

Do you have the guts to get off the beaten tracks in CRM and sales training?

Boost training impact
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Let’s face it, as a sales professional you probably prefer closing deals over sitting in a boring conference room for days. Many sales training programs lack the practical application that turns learning into real deals. Right? And what about your CRM system? Do you love it? Or do you perceive it as an administrative burden with no real benefits? dealGPS turns your training and CRM challenges in real deals, in one blast!

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Your smart navigation tool to win more deals in less time.

sales manager

Your perfect aid to coach your team.


Your compass to guide your organisation in the right direction.

sales trainer

Your duct tape to make training stick.

Smart, Fast and Easy!
Win deals in 3 steps

As a sales professional you should be able to answer these 3 questions every day:

   1.  What are my real chances to close my deals?
   2.  What specific actions should I take to improve my chance of winning?
   3.  What should I do to move my deals forward?

Get all this done with dealGPS WITHIN 10 MINUTES. Our intelligent DEAL EXPERT DATABASE provides you with the right answers at the right time! Take the most efficient route to your deals!

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